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Training Standard

ANSI A92.24 & CSA B354.8

This standard focuses on ANSI aerial lift training requirements. It provides guidance on preparing MEWP training materials, defines how theoretical and practical training should be delivered and identifies required elements for proper training and familiarization.

What’s changed?

According to the new standards, all training must be delivered by a qualified person who is experienced with the particular classification of MEWP on which training is being given. This qualified training provider must be knowledgeable about the laws, regulations, safe use practices, manufacturer’s requirements, recognition and avoidance of hazards as they relate to MEWPs.

While MEWP operator training is still mandatory, this requirement now extends beyond operators to include others who will come in contact with a MEWP on the job site, including:

  • Supervisors: People who directly supervise MEWP operators (ANSI only)
  • Occupants: People in the MEWP platform who are not considered operators (ANSI & CSA)
  • Maintenance & Repair Personnel: People servicing MEWPs (CSA only)

Want more details? Our Essential Guide to Understanding ANSI & CSA Standard Changes outlines the new standards so you can work more and worry less.

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Who does it impact?

This standard impacts both end users and dealers. Time should be allocated on the job site to account for additional training needs as they relate to supervisors and occupants.

Dealers are now required to offer training and familiarization to anyone who rents, leases or buys equipment. If requested, they must provide training or advise the renter on where to get training. They must also ensure that their maintenance technicians are trained on new features and marking standards for proper MEWP servicing.

Find a Training Class

When you invest in training, you optimize productivity and minimize downtime while ensuring that you meet the most up-to-date standards. We’re committed to providing everyone in the access industry with the courses they need to be compliant with OSHA regulations and ANSI best practices.

Supervisor Training

The new ANSI A92 standards for the access industry state that anyone who directly supervises MEWP operators is considered a supervisor and now needs supervisor compliance training. According to the new standards, supervisors must be trained in everything from proper MEWP selection to potential hazards and how to protect against them.

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Operator Training

Operators must ensure that the training they receive meets the most recently published ANSI standards. When they complete a JLG® training course with one of our qualified training providers, they receive a certificate of completion. They also have the option to purchase an operator card that shows their familiarization with the equipment.

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Service Training

To do their jobs effectively, service technicians need to have a deep understanding of the construction, operation and maintenance of MEWPs, especially as it relates to the new machine design standards. Our training courses are designed to give service technicians the skills and knowledge they need to make informed repairs on the job.

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You need to be compliant, but standards change. Don’t miss out on new developments that could affect your equipment and training processes. Sign up for alerts from JLG and get the information you need right to your inbox.

Stay Compliant with JLG

JLG is committed to meeting and exceeding new standards. With a broad range of products and training options available to owners, operators, dealers and rental companies, JLG helps you meet new ANSI and CSA standards. Stay informed and stay ANSI compliant.

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