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Tip of the week

Weekly tips that aim to help lift equipment owners with tips and tricks on parts, service, maintenance, usage and more, in order to get the most out of their fleet. Available here and updated with a new tip every Thursday.

Tip 5: Maintain your fleet with JLG genuine tools

Complete the necessary maintenance on your machines with JLG genuine tools. We offer electric, hydraulic, and miscellaneous tools for use on AWP’s, scissors, telehandlers, or tools that are generally applicable to all. Check out the easy overview in our catalog today or by visit Online Express.

Tip 4: Heighten awareness and increase safety with JLG Skysense

SkySense is an enhanced detection system from JLG that uses strategically placed object detection sensors to provide operators an added level of awareness of their immediate surroundings as they operate. When a machine is in use, the sensors establish warning zones and stop distances in the machine’s direction of motion, increasing protection of people and property.

Available for most JLG Boom and Scissor lifts, only SkySense offers:

  • Warning zones that scale for functions with proportional joystick input, which is unique to JLG and SkySense
  • Substantial coverage areas that are comprised of multiple sensors on the sides and back of the platform, minimizing onsite incidents and damage to surroundings
  • Easily upfits to most JLG boom and scissor models in your fleet

Download the flyer.

See it in action on scissor or boomlift.

Tip 3: Review safety measures and procedures

In these times when we are all looking into the safety of us and our loved ones, it is also good to evaluate our day-to-day safety on the job. Safety and health programs are recommended for all workplaces, from office buildings and construction to industrial settings. These workplace safety programs protect your employees and empower them to confidently complete tasks without fear of injury or worse. The following five key elements must be present for a safety and health program to get off the ground:


1. Employee training and empowerment:

Before you can expect employees to follow best practices, you must educate them and empower them to hold each other accountable. Dedicate a day to safety training when you share safety tips and plan activities that keep your employees interested. There are plenty of online safety training ideas and resources to help get you started.


2. Hazard identification and control systems:

Once your employees are trained, a safety management process must be put in place for them to easily identify hazards and take steps to contain them. For example, if workers will use an aerial lift on a job site, hazards like power lines and uneven ground should be identified and addressed before any work is done.


3. Focus on compliance:

Complying with local regulations is the best way to ensure you are doing everything you can to keep your workers safe. They even provide compliance resources organized by industry as well as email newsletters and a searchable database by safety topics.


4. Continuous improvement:

Safety and health programs don’t fall into the “set it and forget it” category. Not only are new regulations being released all the time, but new employees will join your team. Thus, it’s important to adopt a continuous improvement mindset when it comes to safety, with frequent safety meetings and trainings.


5. Leadership and organizational buy-in:

For a safety and health program to be effective, there must be institutional buy-in from the top down. Workers will be faced with situations every day that force them to decide between a safe course of action and an unsafe one. Good safety leaders motivate workers to make the right decision even when no one is watching.

Tip 2: Peace of mind with JLG periodic maintenance agreements

No matter if you are the owner of a single JLG machine or the fleet manager of a large rental company: you need your equipment to produce value for you and your customer. To optimize the performance and reliability of your machinery we offer periodic maintenance agreements. JLG care can help with:

  • Reducing concerns by making the costs of maintenance and repairs lower and predictable
  • Optimizing performance with service straight from the manufacturer
  • Potentially higher resale values as you keep your equipment in optimal condition

JLG Care offers periodic maintenance, including preventive maintenance and regulatory inspections (country dependent) and Full-Service including breakdown repairs and options. See our flyer for the complete offer or contact your local JLG team.


Tip 1: Choose JLG genuine parts

Why use JLG Genuine replacement parts? You can:

  • Maximize the resale value of your equipment
  • Have the assurance of a six-month warranty
  • Optimize the productivity of your equipment
  • Be sure they were thoroughly tested by JLG engineers and carefully selected for use on JLG equipment


This line of factory-approved parts sets the JLG standard for superior performance. Thoroughly tested by JLG engineers to ensure original specs are met, these parts also help maximize the resale value of your equipment. JLG distributors are the best source for JLG Genuine replacement parts. They also know your equipment, inside and out, and have the parts inventory to keep your machine up and running.


JLG distributors are backed by our world-class Parts Distribution Center and a network of regional Service Centers.



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