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Tucked into the SkyPower® boom platform, the 250-amp welder conserves space and provides stick and TIG capabilities. The SkyWelder® eliminates leads hanging over the rails, and eliminates the unnecessary cost of having a stand-alone welder and power supply.


  • 250-amp welder includes a platform-mounted amperage adjustment and provides power to accommodate stick and TIG welding applications
  • Secured to the platform at the job site to help reduce theft
  • Supplies power to the welder and the platform, which allows for use of lights, grinders, drills and other small job site tools without repositioning a ground-based system

Save Time and Money

  • Eliminate rental and additional delivery charges
  • Reduce fuel costs by eliminating the need to fuel a separate generator
  • Save on repairs – Factory routed cables reduce weld cable damage and associated repair/replacement costs