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Protect What is Important with CleanGuard™ 

This environmentally friendly leak containment system features custom fit trays to capture leaks and drips from the power unit and the steer cylinder of a JLG ES1932 or ES1932i scissor lift.

CleanGuard replaces the need to cover the entire underside of the machine and focuses on the key areas where leaks may occur. Designed specifically for the JLG 19’ ES series scissor lift, CleanGuard does not interfere with operation or general servicing, is re-usable unlike diapers and blends in with the aesthetics of the machine.

Collect leaks and drips to:

  • Protect delicate surfaces from leaks and stains
  • Expand use of machines into places such as museums, data centers, hotels and other leak sensitive jobsites
  • Lessen risk of environmental hazards
  • Reduce risk of slip hazards associated with slick surfaces

CleanGuard is available as an option on the ES1932 and ES1932i models.

Power Unit Tray

Steer Cylinder Tray

Download the flyer here.