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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Based in Surry Hills in Sydney, NSW, Onsite Rental Group has been providing quality hire equipment and service to Business-To-Business customers for over 25 years, becoming a trusted name in hire and one of the top five hire companies in Australia in the process.

Lighting TowerHaving a longstanding working relationship with JLG in which they have collaborated closely on the specs of machines, Onsite knew their investment in JLG Metro-LED lighting towers would give their customers a leading choice in onsite lighting, as Mark Smithwick, Onsite’s Asset Manager – East Coast, explained.

 “The Metro-LED towers, which were launched at HRIA 2016, are a more recent addition to the JLG fleet and we’ve given them feedback on a couple of versions and a couple of specs we wanted,” Mark said. “They’ve been a great addition to our fleet and we’re looking to purchase more because the uptake from our customer base has been quite dramatic; they’ve really liked them.”

 “JLG’s Metro-LED Lighting Towers offer the complete package as the whole market moves toward LED technology,” Mark explained. “You get longer life out of the light heads themselves; they’re a low voltage 48V tower, not 240V, which is much safer; they’re also quiet for use in metro areas because they’re well insulated, and they are fuel efficient with excellent diesel tank capacity giving end users a longer running time which means the customer doesn’t have to refuel as often.”

Having worked closely with Onsite to supply the right product, JLG’s partnership focus then moved to ensuring smooth, on-time delivery to Onsite’s nationwide branch network with Scott Daly, JLG’s Director of Sales - Australia & New Zealand, overseeing the demanding task.

“Scott went out of his way to ensure we were kept up-to-date with the progress of the order, which was logistically challenging because we wanted the lighting towers spread across the east and west coast in certain numbers,” Mark explained. “We gave JLG a location plan and it was delivered in a really fantastic lead time and was all brought together well.”

Then, when the delivery was completed, JLG continued to partner with Onsite to ensure all was as required.

“Scott Daly and Arron Cooper, JLG’s Product Manager for Australia and New Zealand, along with myself and our national service manager, John Glover, spent several hours going over the towers to make sure they were delivered as required and once again looking to see if there were any other changes we might make in future models,” Mark said.

And Mark knows JLG’s efforts won’t stop there.

“JLG invests heavily in aftermarket service and support and our confidence in their supporting us and our customers is a key factor in working with them,” Mark said. “We really appreciate their commitment to the product after delivering it and to sitting down with us to ensure our feedback is listened to and taken on board for any other engineering changes they may consider making.

“JLG definitely goes the extra mile for customers to ensure their support is outstanding; they are really at the pointy end of customer service when it comes to caring about what they deliver and ensuring that it’s accepted by the market.”

“We’ve built a really good partnership with Onsite, as we seek to do with all customers,” JLG’s Scott Daly stated. “It’s all about partnering to deliver exactly the machines the market wants and the customers need, then supporting our machines and customers and adding value through our branch network, service footprint, spare parts and technical support; that’s really important to JLG.”

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