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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Promising ‘all the gear for all the jobs’ with a huge range of large and small hire equipment Auckland-based Hirepool is the trusted name for quality hire across New Zealand and has been for 61 years.

Theirs is a reputation that has been well-earned through an absolute commitment to providing the best for customers, as Gary Richardson, Hirepool’s General Manager – Sales & Marketing, explained.

“For over 60 years we’ve built our whole business on the fact that we only use premium brands; you’ll never find cheap knockoffs and we’ve positioned ourselves that way deliberately,” Gary stated. “We’re not the cheapest in town but you’ll always get a product that works and keeps working, which is obviously crucial in the hire business.”

Among that hardworking equipment Hirepool are renowned for are the approximately 750 JLG machines in their 1,500-strong access fleet.

“We’ve bought $60 million worth of gear in the last two years and the biggest spend we have is in access; one of our most recent purchases was 30 x JLG 3246ES and 2646ES electric scissor lifts,” Gary said. “We choose JLG because it’s got an international reputation, the machines have proven to us that they keep working and we get excellent support from the JLG team.”

This reliability and support is always crucial to Hirepool and their many customers, but particularly in the incredibly busy times they are experiencing now, Gary explained.

“The market is absolutely booming; in the northern regions around Auckland we had some of the busiest months we’ve ever had in the middle of winter,” he said. “There is a massive amount of infrastructure and building work, and in through the central region there is quite a lot of road building involving bridgework; all that’s good for access gear.”

With his access fleet in such demand, Gary is pleased to know Hirepool can rely on swift service and support from JLG.

“It’s a good relationship; if our guys need any kind of support, they know they can get on the phone or send an email and they’ll get an instant response back,” he stated.

“JLG are always quick to answer any issues we’ve got; they know the importance of keeping things going and are very good to work with.”

The major inspection process is another area where the strong working partnership between Hirepool and JLG has been of benefit to this busy and performance-focused hire company.

“We’d actually bought quite a lot of gear about this time ten or eleven years ago, so we’ve had a huge amount of major inspection work coming up,” Gary said. “We’ve worked really closely with JLG to make sure that we can get all the gear inspected and refurbished and back into our fleet so it gives us another crack at the useful life of the machines.

“They’re definitely getting the gear back to us quickly; they’re doing a very good job.”

Talking to Brian Lund, JLG’s Operations Manager New Zealand, it’s clear he and the JLG team also enjoy the relationship with Hirepool.

JLG has had a very good long-term relationship with Hirepool and have always valued the partnership; they’re a very good company to be supplying to and a very professional organisation to work with,” Brian stated.

They have a large fleet of JLG equipment and we’ve worked very closely with them to put plans and strategies in place to provide the machines to the specifications that they want, and also in streamlining the major inspection process to ensure their machines are turned around as quickly as possible to achieve maximum revenue.”

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