Introducing SkyGuard®

Enhanced Control Panel Protection for Boom Lifts

Operator moves towards obstruction.

Horn sounds upon operator contact with the bar.

The auto reverse feature activates for most functions.

Now operators can experience enhanced control panel protection for JLG® boom lifts with the SkyGuard™ aftermarket accessory. Developed after extensive research and testing, the SkyGuard sensor, when activated by approximately 50 lb (23kg) of force, stops all functions in use at the time. 

The reverse functionality is the only feature of its kind in the market. After stopping the machine, it temporarily reverses, or “undoes,” most functions that were in use at the time of activation for less than a second’s worth of time. The control system automatically accesses the functions in use by the operator at the time of SkyGuard activation and - for a small period of time - is able to reverse that sequence, with the exception of certain functions. 

  • SkyGuard can be activated from a variety of angles and provides additional protection without impeding or reducing the work envelope of the boom lift
  • With no movable parts, there’s no need for scheduled or additional maintenance
  • Break away feature for extreme conditions
  • Resets by cycling foot switch or e-stop
  • Does not increase the platform profile or limit the use of the platform
  • SkyGuard can be installed on combustion-powered JLG boom lifts* manufactured after 2004

*Not available on the 600SC and 150HAX.

SkyGuard is just another way that we’re demonstrating our commitment to innovation that enhances both productivity and control panel protection. 

Have an account with us? Order SkyGuard through Online Express. Or contact your JLG Distributor or JLG Sales Representative for more information.

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